comparing buns

comparing buns

 1 month's receipts

1 month’s receipts

Starting Ash Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012, Jim and I agreed to try to do the National Food Stamp Challenge for the six weeks of Lent 2012. Lent is over and we’re eating more normally now but with a new consciousness.
Several background articles are:
Interfaith Groups Kick Off National Food Stamp Challenge
The Food Stamp Diet and How It’s Different from Being Poor
You Tube video showing grocery shopping tips for the Food Stamp Challenge
Catholic Charities participation
FRAC (Food Research & Action Center) explains SNAP Food Stamp Challenges in depth

Read about my food journey below:Days 365+24c chicken stir fry

  1. EATING ON $4.50 A DAY – Why we did it and what rules we made for ourselves
  2. FROM FEAST TO FAMINE – Mardi Gras to Lent
  3. BUYING A WEEK OF FOOD – Grocery shopping technique
  4. SO YOU WON’T HAVE TO – Some things I’ve learned so far so you won’t have to go to the trouble
  5. NUTRITION? – YES;  MORAL? NOT SO MUCH – Find out what moral compromises we made.
  6. QUESTIONS ABOUT TRIFLES  – Being a good host/guest; Does free food count? Charity fish fries? Pot Lucks?
  7. BARGAINS & SPLURGES – Food we saved money on this week and things we wanted to buy but didn’t
  8. APPLES & BURNT EGGS – How to count left overs, staples, guests, and trips.Days 365+24b refrig
  9. PAYING IT FORWARD – Making up for past stinginess at a fish fry
  10. MAKING EXCEPTIONS – Does “Date Night” count? How do the poor have fun and socialize?
  12. FREE “CAGE-FREE” EGGS – How a guest solved one moral dilemma
  13. EATING ON THE FLY – Does airplane food count? What about the cost of the trip?
  14. WHAT NOT TO EAT – What other cultures consider impure food; Food insecurity
  15. EATING IN THE LAND OF TAN – Afghan food and eating habits
  16. THE LAST SUPPER – A temporary life with some people in rural Indiachickens
  17. DIY FOOD – Can people in India eat on $4.50/day?
  18. A SLOW EASTER IN INDIA – Observations about cultural differences between India and the USA
  19. EATING LIGHTLY – A summary of what I learned by eating on a Food Stamp budget for 6 weeks