Days 365+48h Easter wasteOn Ash Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013, I started six weeks of concerted effort to create less waste. I wanted to lessen my carbon footprint by recycling and pre-cycling more. (Pre-cycling  refers especially to reducing packaging so that recycling it isn’t even necessary.)

Days 365+48d Jim w chair padWhy Lent? As I try to honor God’s creation by not polluting it, I hoped this would clean my soul by a heightened awareness of what is garbage and what is not. Read my Waste-Less Lent posts below to see what I learned.


  1. WASTE-LESS LENT – The plan: What I will count and what is cheating
  2. RESEARCH – 10 things I learned about recycling
  3. CHANGING SHOPPING HABITS – How pure to be about packaging at the grocery store
  4. NEW FINDINGS – Can you recycle pizza boxes? Doing laundry ecologicallyDays 365+48e pitchers + cups
  5. CURB SIDE RECYCLING – It’s great but who takes what takes more research
  6. WATER – Bottled water failures and successes
  7. TRADING TRASH – Does your community have “terracycling”? Find out what it is.
  8. PRECYCLING – Avoiding unnecessary packaging at stores and dealing with other people’s trash.
  9. BEYOND RECYCLING – How little garbage can you create?
  10. SUMMARY – 6 lessons learned
  11. RECYCLING BASICS – 2019 update