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I am a speaker and writer on marriage, parenting, and spirituality. More importantly I am married to Jim Vogt and have four young adult children. To find out more about me and to check out the many resources and activities I have developed, go to my website,

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My most recent book is Blessed By Less: Clearing Your Life of Clutter By Living Lightly. It is based on this blog and develops the concept of living more lightly and simply.


You can also find me on:

Facebook PAGE: Living Lightly I add to this regularly and invite your comments.

Facebook GROUP: Living Lightly This is the place for us to discuss various issues related to living simply. Originally, I posed some topics and questions, but am happy to have you all initiate related topics of interest. I read all your post and will occasionally chime in with my own thoughts. I also welcome your comments on the previous discussions including:

  • The Truth About Bottled Water
  • The Food Stamp Challenge
  • Our Family Does Not Have Enough Cars
  • Christmas Gift-Givin
  • Over-packaging
  • Eating Lightly

Twitter: @Vogt_Susan