Buy nothing graphicDuring Lent 2015, I decided I would try not to buy anything. I hoped that this discipline would bring me into greater solidarity with those who may not have money for the basics much less any extras. Of course there would need to be exceptions like:

  • Groceries don’t count as long as the food is not extravagant or treats
  • Eating out would be a no-no unless I am out of town and don’t have a choice.
  • Gas for the car wouldn’t count but I would try to walk or bike anyplace under a mile.
  • Our house is paid for but I would have to pay utilities.

Following chronicles my experience with the last entry being a summary of what I learned:Days 112 Extra - Question mark

  1. No Money or No Info  Outlines my plan and self imposed rules for spending money.
  2. Waiting to Buy  Describes my emotional reaction to what it feels like to have to wait to buy something.
  3. Days 357 Extra - Near DeathFreebies/Is It a Miracle  Strange things are happening. Was it heavenly intervention or just a happy coincidence?
  4. Why I’m Not Poor   Despite buying next to nothing for 6 weeks, I started with advantages. It’s not a level playing field.
  5. Bills, Shoes, & Gloves  What I wanted to spend money on but didn’t…yet.Days 365+90 shoes glove
  6. Recreation  Paying for recreation prompted thoughts about what kind of recreation is free.
  7. Cheating? Justifying?  What counts as an allowable expense and when am I just playing games?
  8. Days 365+93 contra dance7 Poor Insights  The insights are good; they’re just a summary of what I learned about living in solidarity with the poor for 6 weeks.