Beyond giving away physical things, there are intangibles like Time & Money, Memories, Relationships, Information, and Attitudes.
Some of these intangibles are represented by objects such as photos, letters, souvenirs, and internet files.
I learned and laughed at myself. May these posts deepen and lighten your spirit.

Time - clockTIME & MONEY – because they are inextricably linked
– It’s often harder for Type A personalities than letting go of stuff.
2. REVOLVING BEDS – Hospitality
3. GIVING SOMEONE TIME & LETTING GO OF PRIVACY – Hospitality+ and Uber Hospitality
4. SAVING MONEY VS SAVING TIME #1 & #2, & #3 – When to save money vs when to save time
5. WHEN 50 MINUTES = 1 YEAR – Procrastination
dollar sign6. INVESTING IN KIDS & SPEND IN ORDER TO SAVE – Time spent on the future
8. TIS THE SEASON FOR… & INVESTING $ – Evaluating how to spend your charitable dollars
9. VOGT STIMULUS PACKAGE – When is paying for something you don’t need good?
10. BENEFITS OF A LOW INCOME & HOW MUCH INCOME IS ENOUGH – Thinking smaller but better

Days 280 Extra -TrophiesMEMORIES – because we don’t want to lose them
1. GIVING AWAY MEMORIES – A win/win gift for the person who has everything, TRAVEL ARTIFACTS
2. BEDROOM #1 PART 1 & PART 2 – Deciding what to save for the grand-kids & personal memorabilia
3. MEMORABILIA – A second life for a tux but not a wedding gown.
4. TROPHIES & SOUVENIRS – They remind us of our lives. Can we honor the memory without keeping them?
5. KNICK KNACKS & TRINKETS – More thoughts on the little things including photos

5 yrs. ago, but they're still pretty fine.

RELATIONSHIPS – because we care

1. LETTING GO OF PEOPLE -Setting our kids free
2. DELETING PEOPLE – Pruning email contacts and remembering past friends
3. TOO MANY PEOPLE…TO HELP – Where do you draw the line on who to help, how much, and how long?
4. SHARE THE AIR – Getting along with people who do more than their share of the talking
5. GIVING AWAY ADVICE – How much unsolicited advice is too much?

Days 365+42 @ signINFORMATION – because we want to know
1. GIVING AWAY MY WORK – Doing some work for free
2. LETTING GO OF WORDS & GIVING AWAY WORDS – Speaking less and saying more
3. WHERE DID THE C’s GO? & SPEAKING OF LETTERS – Paper encyclopedias are obsolete, but written letters still matter
4. LETTING GO OF THE FAMILIAR-PART 1 & PART 2 – Learning a new phone, computer, neighborhood…
5. GIVING AWAY LITERATURE – Door to door campaigning is not fun, but it’s a way to inform the electorate.
6. I KNOW TOO MUCH & TAMING THE NEWS – How much news can one consume? Try a “news diet.”
7. TOO MUCH INFORMATION – Reducing stuff that clutters our mind: Paper, TV & Radio, Computers, Phones, and Bad News

Jim agrees to an uncharacteristic pose

Jim agrees to an uncharacteristic pose

ATTITUDES – because accepting ourselves and others in all our human frailty will lighten our hearts
1. LETTING GO OF INTANGIBLES – Attitudes that get in the way of well being
– Letting go of anger. Dealing with tech support without screaming
3. RANDOM ACTS OF KINDNESS – Everybody wins. You do some good. You feel good.
4. PET PEEVES-PART 1 & PART 2 – I had over a dozen. See how many I let go of and how.
5. LETTING GO OF COMPULSIONS –  Personality quirks can get in the way of living lightly.
6. JUDGING A MANICURE & BAH HUMBUG – Watch out for criticism and the “smug factor.”
7. TO DO LISTS & FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS– Feeling overwhelmed? Put it into perspective.
8. LETTING GO OF HEALTH-PART 1 & PART 2 – Coping with chronic health problems
9. LETTING GO OF WORRIES – Productive worrying – or not?
10. LETTING GO OF WORK – 5 ways to conquer undue busyness