…Stuff. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to REALLY clearing stuff out of our house is all our kids’ stuff that we’re storing. The last time I asked our 36 year old if I could throw away his grade school papers, he said “No.” Child #2 has stuff from her Peace Corps stint in Mali and later work in Senegal. Not only did she not want me throw any of this away, she saw one of MY skirts on this blog and wants me to keep it until she returns from Afghanistan. #3 lives nearby but refused to let go of any of his three PlayStations (one of which is broken) or any of the other electronics and games stored here. #4 has all his worldly possessions he could fit on a plane to Singapore. The rest are still in our house. Plus, we’re storing stuff for a relative who downsized to a smaller place when his wife died. My plan is to make five piles and tell each person the next time they come to take it with them or it will be history. It’s risky giving other people’s stuff away, but there comes a time… The problem is that it also takes time to collect and pile up their stuff. Maybe things will slow down around Christmas when they’ll all be home. 😕