Two recent experiences have prompted me to prayer. Ideally prayer is a conversation with the God who dwells within me as I explore deep spiritual truths about what is really important in life. Often this is a quiet time, prompted by scripture and nature. But sometimes the Spirit breaks in through the activities of my daily life. For example:

PLANET EARTH: Readers of my recent blog posts know that I have been consumed with PLASTIC – how to reduce its harmful impact on our environment. This has led to connecting with about 10 plastic related groups, some local, some regional, a few national and even international. They are all good, but they all have meetings, often on Zoom and lately morphing back into in-person meetings. It can be overwhelming – both time wise and emotionally. It’s hard to keep them all straight and know what to spend my energy on.

  • This feeling that I needed to let go of fretting about how to do it all and return to the essential, led me deeper into my daily morning prayer that my husband and I composed many years ago. Click here for the 3 min. YouTube version.

DEATH: I recently attended the Memorial service upon the death of a good friend who I have been in community with for over 50 years. The celebration of her life was good, but also sobering. Of course death is always a reminder that none of us are going to get out of this world alive. But as I gaze at a crucifix and watch the annual birth/death/rebirth of nature outside my window, I am again reminded that this life is “not what it’s all about, Alfie.” (Those of a certain age will understand this quote and the rest of you can google it.)

  • Remembering the inevitability of death reminds me of the final part of my daily prayer:
    I am alive … But I will not always be.
    I am loved … It’s not all about me. I don’t have to prove myself.
    (Yes,  my spouse of 50 years loves me; but even if I were not in a loving marriage, I believe deep down that God loves me unconditionally.)
    Sooooo … How am I to spread that love to those I am with today?

    (Pause and anticipate who might come into my presence today.)

These two prayer practices help me to declutter my mind – at least for the moment – and remember what is really important. I don’t know how (or if) dear reader, you pray. May my words prompt you to seek your own way. If you feel moved to share your experiences on this blog, it may prompt another to refresh their mind and heart.