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Knick knacks are a source of clutter in many homes – including ours. BUT, they are also a source of memories and that’s what makes it hard to decide what to give away. Today’s photo is probably most notable for what is NOT in it as there are probably 10 times the number of items shown. Since Jim and I travel a lot, most of our knick knacks are from foreign countries. They remind us of different cultures and especially the people we met that we may never see again. Should one give away memories or just take a photo of them?

Of course then I have to find a way to store the photos so I can find them. Most photos taken during the last decade are on our computers or a flash drive (although the file names may defy easy retrieval). BUT, we still have 19 photo albums (some over 60 years old) neatly stored under a window seat waiting for one of our children to surprise us by converting them all into digital form as a Christmas gift.