Current Stressors in my Life:
Computer – Lately, I’ve been fighting with my computer. Aarrgh!
I finally decided to buy a new desktop computer because my 10 year old main computer was acting sick and tired. Our son helped me decide on a new one and set it up. Good. But I didn’t realize I would also have to reconfigure programs like my website. It took over a week of fiddling and help from another computer savvy friend. Success! Meanwhile, I wondered how much of my worth as a human being was tied up with being able to do a blog and maintain a website.
• Recycling – Add to that, ongoing dilemmas about what can and cannot be recycled properly,
• Time crunches – Social justice priorities and Zoom calls have been competing for my time,
• Relationships – I feel sad about reduced contact with family and friends because of Covid,
• Memory – My memory does not seem as strong as it used to be. I search for names and familiar words.
• Power – People in politics, religious institutions, and families are fighting over who is more right. Misinformation is rampant and fuels anger.

BUT, then I remember:
• Ukraine – The invasion of Ukraine dominates the news, followed this week by the mass shooting at the Uvalde elementary school in Texas.
• Planet Earth – I am aware that irreversible climate change may happen within the next generation. I may die before it dramatically changes my life, but what about our children and grandchildren. I care about them and all life on earth.

As sobering as these 2 “BUTs” are, they do serve a positive purpose. They put my personal woes in perspective. As I read and see photos of buildings and lives destroyed in Ukraine and irreversible climate changes looming, I say to myself, “And I’m worried about my website!”
So, the question I ask myself (and you) is:

How do I keep a perspective that is broad and encompassing, but sane and doable?
How much time and energy should I spend trying to address my personal life challenges and when do I let go of my smaller worries to take action on issues of systemic change – like political action?

MY SOLUTION – Consultation with a Higher Power, i.e. Prayer
1. Listen well to the Spirit within me
2. Educate myself about what options are available
3. Listen to other humans who are wise guides
4. Follow through. ACT

What works for YOU?