This past Lent I focused more on my “inner spirituality” than giving stuff away. Once Easter 2024 arrived I figured I’d return to simplifying my life, i.e. serious decluttering. But…this inner spirituality period prompted a deeper self-evaluation. (See It’s Not My Fault entry.) Now it’s time to do something with the stuff I’ve been collecting in the corner of our bedroom and discern where to take the stuff I no longer need. (Examples: Single Use Plastics, clothes I seldom wear, old make-up, and the many papers that clutter my desk.)
Well, that was the plan until I decided to start with Easy-Peasy small stuff – Name tags and $5.

Name Tags: If you’re like me, you probably go to many meetings. Sure, Covid pushed many in person meetings online, but I still attend plenty of work, planning, or dance gatherings in person. Disposable name tags are usually available. Since my memory for names is weakening, I appreciate this help, BUT, I’m also trying to reduce waste and throw away paper name tags and badges.
I realized a simple solution – Make 1 generic name tag. Yes, it’s encased in plastic with a clip on the back, but it’s reusable and fits neatly in my small clutch purse. So, goodbye single use name tags.

5 Dollars: It all started when I dutifully decided to take 13 resource books to a used book store in the greater Cincinnati area.
Most of the information contained in the books could easily be gotten online so our household no longer needed the books and they were not library-worthy. Besides, Half Price Books was willing to reimburse me $5 for my stash of books. They took the books, but since it was almost closing time, they asked me to return to get the money later. Fine. Well, it would probably cost $5 in gas to drive back another day so I decided to wait till I would be in the neighborhood again. A few days later I hoped to stop by but I would have been late for another appointment. Hmmm, as I thought about it, I decided the $5 wasn’t worth it.

Ideas for your consideration:
1. Do you often use disposable name tags? It’s not hard to change to   a reusable one. Try it.
2. What’s the most productive way to use $5? What might you buy that would enrich your life or make you happier. Think bigger than yourself. Will you pass anyone this week/month who would appreciate even $5 more. It will lighten your wallet and maybe your heart.

Stay tuned for updates on the other examples in the next few blog posts.