I had closets scheduled for this week’s give-aways but I was getting worried since I had already gone through closets last Lent and I’m saving the kid’s closets for next week when I tackle “Other People’s Stuff.” My fears were confirmed as I searched the nine closets in our house, until…I got to the downstairs bathroom. Up till this point I had only found one extra crib sheet and passed on getting rid of miscellaneous picture frames and sorting through boxes of memorabilia on a high shelf. BUT, I found a plethora of towels of all sizes – 67 in all. I figured I could give away half (34), which leaves 33 for guests. Some of the towels were a little ratty but many were like new – probably because we never needed that many. (How we accumulated so many unused towels is more than I care to go into here.)

I also found an extra shower curtain with decorative hangers, a luffa pad and, surprise – a radio/cassette player. What was it doing with all the towels? Maybe it felt lonely since no one uses cassette tapes anymore and the towels gave it comfort. 😕

PS: Zen question of the week: Does reorganizing extra picture frames and moving boxes to a better storage space count for anything? It has uncluttered some spots in the house and was motivated by clearing things out, but really it’s a zero sum action.