Our unattached garage serves an important function. It is the last step before things rot on their own or get put out for the garbage. I can decide to probably give something away, but not finalize the decision since it might be retrievable if it’s in the garage – that is if the neighborhood cats haven’t peed on it or critters from the holler behind our house haven’t destroyed it. I did find a few items worthy of giving away (a lamp, a bike machine motor, bacon grill that doesn’t fit our microwave, and a mailbox) plus I found some things that went straight from garage to garbage (rotting yellow model train boards and a rusty snow shovel). My questions for the future are:

  • How many old flower pots should one save for replanting?
  • How much lumber might we really use for repair jobs?
  • How many old campaign signs does my husband need since this is his last term on the School Board?
  • And the clincher:  Will we ever use the supplies for 50 Christmas luminaria? – Our driveway isn’t that long!