Well, plans have changed. As I pondered whether to give up plastic, clutter, or to give more stuff away for Lent, I decided that any of these sacrifices would be worthy, but it was probably more important to clean out my “soul” and my attitudes than to clean house. Sure, I will try to be more watchful of how much plastic comes into our home and to give more stuff away, BUT I take pride in doing these visible tasks. It feels satisfying; and by telling folks how I’m doing it, I can feel successful.

Letting go of pride. Being more humble and quiet about my accomplishments seems more timely to me right now. Sooo, prompted by my husband who knows me better than anyone, we agreed to have an “inner Lent.” We plan to talk over how we might focus not so much on our successes but on the successes of others. This means paying attention to the people around us, noticing what they might be struggling with and affirming their goodness.

Arise! Happy Easter

So, you won’t be reading about what I do on this blog during March because it’s an inner transformation, but one that I think is needed. I pray that by Easter (which is also the day before April Fools Day 😊), I might be less “full” of myself.

How about you?