As I continued to search for stuff in secret places this past week, I stumbled upon the letter “S” – sheets, suits, squirrels, and surprises. (Those who like puzzles can stop right here and try to guess the connections.) For the rest of you:

  • Sheets: When cleaning out the linen closet, I counted 11 sets of sheets. We have 5 beds plus 3 mattresses that can be put on the floor if we have more guests than beds. Only one of those beds is Queen size, but 6 of the sheet sets were Queen size. Easy peasy. Give away at least 3 sets of Queen sheets. We still have one extra set for each bed in case of accidents.
  • Suits: In looking through the closets of our grown kid’s rooms, I found 3 suits. All 3 sons said they no longer wanted them and they probably were from high school and wouldn’t fit anymore anyway. I was then embarrassed to find a suit jacket with a skirt in Jim’s side of our closet. Hmmm, it definitely wasn’t his and it no longer fit me. I took all 4 suits to a local thrift shop. Maybe somebody will get a newish Easter or graduation outfit.
  • Squirrels: My morning prayer perch gives me a good view out the window of trees, squirrels, and birds. Thus, my prayer often turns to creation. For years I’ve marveled at how squirrels can run along telephone wires. But recently I saw a squirrel leap from one roof top to the next – a good 9 feet! This prompted me to meditate on what calculated risks squirrels take.
  • Surprises: As I was about to tackle the next hidden place -a basement storage closet – I got an email from Intercommunity Justice and Peace Center (a local social justice ministry). They needed immediate household items to set up a returning citizen (ex-prisoner) in a small apartment. I found a set of dishes, crockpot, and a few extra kitchen utensils in the storage room. Good timing.


  1. Too much stuff can make it hard to find important stuff. All the extra Queen sheets in my closet meant that I forgot the one set of flannel sheets that I usually use during the winter months. I was colder than usual this past winter but didn’t see the warmer sheets till the spring. Perhaps my memory also needs an upgrade.
  2. Storing stuff has an expiration date. Sometimes saving stuff for the kids makes sense but not forever. Why not let someone use it now rather than maybe, some day. Suits that don’t fit and dishes I’m not using qualify here,
  3. God often speaks through nature. Watching the squirrel prompted me to consider whether God may be telling me it’s time to take a bold risk. Likewise, as I’ve been watching the red cardinals flit from tree to tree, it occurred to me that I barely notice them during the summer. Only when the trees are bare do I see them. Maybe this Covid-19 winter has been uncovering the essentials of life and the beauty of relationships that we get too busy to see during normal times.