In examining several dining room shelves for more things to give away, I found 11 sterling silver pieces with varying degrees of tarnish. Silver can be beautiful but I definitely don’t want to spend time polishing it for the rare fancy occasions we might use it. I’m sure, however, that a beautiful silver coffee pot set is not something that people who frequent thrift shops want or need – except to sell it for cash. One of my blog readers recommended a local charity store called Legacies that accepts high quality merchandise for the benefit of cancer support programs. I added a couple pieces of valuable crystal that were beautiful but at high risk for breakage. I probably won’t make any money from this, but even if I did I’d feel obligated to give it away. Finding the right home for give-aways is often the biggest challenge.

PS: How much is it worth? In my ever continuing effort to be a resource to my readers, I’ve found two ways to gauge the price of something I’m considering giving away. Check prices for similar items on or (for crystal, silver, china, and collectibles. With this information you can decide whether to just give an item to a thrift store or sell it and then give the money to a worthy cause. Any other ideas?

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