It all started because I couldn’t find the pizza cutter. As I searched kitchen drawers I found that I had to practically empty each one to make sure the pizza cutter was not hidden under other stuff. This prompted me to realize I had a lot of unnecessary items like extra pot holders and dish towels. Utilitarian as these items are, they aren’t too glamorous or photogenic. With the holidays coming up (plus I discovered a new place to give things to — our parish’s “department store” for low income neighborhood people), I decided to examine my kitchen and storage room for other useful items.

I had been holding on to some glasses and dishes for our adult children as they set up their own households. Remarkably they are somehow managing without these supplies. I decided to save a few things in case those living out of the country resettle here. I’m passing the rest on to people who can use it now. All in all, I counted 30 items including dishes, vases, a pie plate, candle holders, trays, Corelle ware, a jello mold, salt shaker, large knife and fork, and a couple Christmas knick knacks. I know this is more than one item a day, but hey! who’s counting. 😕

PS: Click on the photo to get a closer view.