Last night was the first USA presidential debate of 2020 . No matter your political leaning, it was a sad night for our country – a lot of wind and little light. Today I need some hope – and perhaps you do too. So, I turned my attention to a new energy saving invention – the clothesline.

This modern “online” invention uses solar and wind power to reduce the use of electric dryers. (Of course for super energetic or prehistoric laundry buffs it could actually eliminate the need for an electric dryer, but I’m not quite that hard core.)

Simplest Solution: At least use a clothesline for large flat items like sheets and table cloths. I’ve been doing this for years and the total investment has been 1 long rope, about 10 clothes pins, and 10 minutes to hang out the sheets. Of course this works best during seasons that do not begin with “W”.

• But, I don’t have a yard (or at least not a sunny yard): It’s harder to find a large enough, unobstructed, indoor space, but it is possible. I’ve seen European and Asian apartment buildings with clotheslines on their balconies.

• But, it’s Winter: Drying takes longer outside in cold weather and less sun, but it’s not impossible. Of course snow doesn’t help. I put a shorter line in our basement as a partial patch.

• But, what if it rains? Abort plan this time but congratulate yourself for setting up the system.

Thought to Ponder: What in the world did our parents, grandparents, etc. ever do before washing machines and dryers? Go dirty?