One of the hardest decisions to make about giving things away are things that I’m quite happy to part with – but don’t belong to me. I decided to start with child #3 since he’s the only one who lives in town and thus is the easiest to check with. I was wrong!
I had chosen 7 role playing games that he was into as a teenager. At 30 I thought he wouldn’t care if I gave them away since he probably didn’t even know they were stored in an old trunk. When I asked, he told me definitively not to get rid of any of his stuff and that this was a silly project. He eventually permitted me to give away some clothing which I’ll highlight later. Hmmm, this is going to be harder than I thought. There’s probably still about 30 items in his trunk, half of which I hoped to pass on. Most of the things he was willing to part with went straight to the trash before I could take a photo. A few miscellaneous items from his old room which are worth giving away, are pictured here. Check this week’s “Extra” for the items he couldn’t live without — but still wants me to store.