I filed an extension for our income taxes since I was traveling in Africa and Asia around April 15. Now, it’s time for me to complete this duty. I may be one of the few people in the USA who think taxes are good. Not only do taxes pay for police and fire protection, defense, schools, and roads, they also provide the social safety net that many people need. Call me Pollyanna, but I think taxes are a way that we take care of our brothers and sisters who haven’t been blessed or lucky enough to have a good job or who are frail or elderly. (Besides I like going to National Parks and other beneficial things our taxes make possible.)
Still, does paying my taxes count as giving something away? They are not voluntary so maybe I shouldn’t count paying them as giving stuff away even though many more people will benefit from my tax money than the discretionary items I decide to give away each day. Just in case taxes don’t count, however, I still found about 10 miscellaneous trifles to pass on including some throw pillows, bath bubbles, and the real prize – Avon Bust Sculpt. It was a gag gift I got for my 50th birthday. I’m not saying I couldn’t use it; I just didn’t have confidence that it would make a difference. My taxes will.