Days 365+46 shirts-dresses-skirt

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In keeping with my Round 1 order of “S’s” I looked through my wardrobe of shirts, skirts, and suits. I’m surprised that even though I pruned my closet over a year ago, there were still items that I hadn’t worn in years. I found:

  • 4 shirts (OK, I’d really call them blouses but that doesn’t begin with S)
  • 2 skirts
  • 2 dresses (broadly re-categorized as “suits” for alliterative purposes).

Days 365+46--black skirtSome of these choices were easy(like this basic little black skirt) since I had two of them.

A few decisions were tougher. Even though I hadn’t worn some items in over a year, they still looked nice and fit well. I decided to take Courtney Carver’s advice and keep only the items I absolutely loved. (Courtney does a blog called Be More With Less that I’ve found to be very helpful and compatible with my values.)

Days 365+46 hankie dressI still had one problem, however. There’s one more dress that’s very elegant, expensive, and rare. It’s called a “Hankie Dress.”  It looks beautiful on but it would require a really unique occasion to wear it. I asked the two men who were having a meeting downstairs while I was deliberating whether or not to give it away. They tied, which leaves me still undecided. What’s your opinion?

Lesson: So far I’m hanging on to the dress. It’s important to keep pruning but everything doesn’t have to go at once.

PS: What would be the easiest piece of clothing in your closet to let go of? What would be the hardest?

PPS: A big thanks to William Cawthron of Alpha Hosting (formerly Dixie Systems) who helped me work out the bugs in my blog.