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Susan Vogt on living more simply but abundantly

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Sometimes our lives are cluttered with things. Sometimes it’s things to do that clutter our mind and time. I wonder if I will ever get my To Do list done before I die. Sure, I make time to nap, read, recreate, and take vacations so it’s not like I don’t take breaks, but still I […]

Before you canonize me as St. Minimalista for bringing only 3 new items into our home and getting rid of 71, I must clarify that 56 of the outgoing items were pens and pencils and 13 more were duplicates or older socks. Here’s how it broke down: THE MAIN EVENT: 1 new pair of shoes […]

The other day I had a doctor’s appointment. My custom is to take the morning paper with me to appointments since there is always some waiting time and this is a good way to spend it. The doctor saw me and said, “I didn’t know anyone read paper papers anymore.” So, how much news do […]

I overslept this morning. Got a new battery when I got home from the retreat. All is well. 2 ½ weeks till Lent begins and I actually have to give something away each day.

My watch broke today. It probably just needs a battery but I’m on retreat this weekend and won’t have time to get a new battery. If a time conscious person like me needs to be without a watch, I suppose being on retreat is a good time for it to happen. Even though I can […]