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Sometimes my giveaways have to hunt for a home, so it’s a real blessing when the right home presents itself. That what happened this week when some contra dancing friends announced that they were going on a mission trip to Belize and needed old luggage in which to carry medical supplies. The luggage would be […]

For those who read last week’s blog and wondered what miscellaneous “adult stuff” I would be giving away, I’m afraid it’s rather boring – but boring with a lesson. Now that I’ve gotten rid of  the kids, here are some miscellaneous parent contributions: 2 homemade pew banners from our kid’s First Communions. Now really, by […]

True, there are no miscellaneous kids hanging around our home any more and we wouldn’t give them away if they were. The kids we have launched into the world have left some things, however, that we finally feel free to give away. I’ve been collecting these odds and ends for the last several months as […]

Can you ever have too many inspirational books? Yes! Recently I was very proud of myself book-wise. I found 3 fine inspirational books from which I had consumed enough relevant inspiration that I was willing to part with them. I felt even better about finding a good home for them – a local coffee shop […]

I’m leaping from my bedroom – where I mostly look for clothes to give away – to the garden. (Well, not actually “leaping.” I took the stairs.) With the end of the gardening season I was motivated to clean out the small closet in which I kept garden supplies. During Round 1 I had gotten […]

The S’s are pretty much finished so I’ll tell you about this lovely warm (and rather expensive) fur lined coat that I decided to give away. I actually gave it away last February because I wanted someone to be able to use it while it was still cold out. I decided not to post it […]

You’ll seldom find me wearing a sheet but I decided to make a departure from giving away clothes and jump to sheets because I store them close to my clothes closet – and most importantly, they begin with “S.” (I love consistency. :-?) Besides, my linen closet was pretty stuffed with sheets. On occasion, we’ve […]

With my days of measuring garbage behind me, I can finally get back to the S’s. I found one more skirt that I missed several weeks ago and am totally willing to give it away now. It did look rather lonely, however, and produced only a rather drab photo to simply give away one powder […]

…and Smugness. Today I selected to give away: 4 pairs of slacks 2 sweaters 8 scarves But what I found that was hard to give away was feeling SMUG. I was feeling quite virtuous about continuing to find clothes to pass on to others when I reflected that since I work at home, I really […]

In keeping with my Round 1 order of “S’s” I looked through my wardrobe of shirts, skirts, and suits. I’m surprised that even though I pruned my closet over a year ago, there were still items that I hadn’t worn in years. I found: 4 shirts (OK, I’d really call them blouses but that doesn’t […]

Our adult children were all home for Christmas. Hurrah! I hoped they would take some of the stuff I had been saving (especially for our grandchildren) back with them. A few things traveled to a new home but I again found that items that I’d been saving did not fit the taste or circumstances of […]

My first shoe purge in 2010 got me from 30 pairs of shoes to 13 pairs – the national average. This was progress, but since I work at home, heels hurt my feet, and I really don’t care much about shoe fashion, I felt that certainly I could do better. I just reviewed my shoe wardrobe, but […]

When I was dispersing my clothes last year, one thing I realized is that I didn’t need any more commemorative T-Shirts. I made a decision not to buy any more. Then, a couple weeks ago I came across one I really wanted to have. Hmmm. I bought it with mixed emotions. Then, I remembered the […]

While I’m in “Kitchen/Dining Room mode,” I noticed that there are quite a few mugs and miscellaneous glasses in our cupboards. Almost none matched. On one hand, unique drinking cups are an advantage since guests can keep the same glass throughout an evening, day, or weekend. (Saves wear and tear on the environment and reduces […]

I’m partial to the elegance, flexibility, and durability of plain Winter White Corelle dishes. That’s why it didn’t bother me when Jim suggested we give away one set of dishes that had a few chips in it and another partial set in which 5 of the 8 dinner plates had been broken. Besides, we saw […]

Happy Easter! The 40 days have come to an end, but not this project. The more I got into giving stuff away, the more I realized that these 40 days were simply the first round. Although I’ve given many things away, few items will I actually miss. To really stretch myself I’ll need to keep […]

Today is Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”). Traditionally it is the last splurge for Christians before Lent. This brings up the question of splurging. Is it OK? Is it weakness? Should it be avoided? My own experience with splurging is that it’s a lot like keeping a good diet. Occasional splurges are good for […]