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Well, now it’s time to dig deeper into the unnecessary clutter that’s been hanging around our house waiting to be responsibly disposed of or taken to a better home. Our metropolitan curbside recycling service picks up metal cans, glass and plastic bottles/jugs, and paper and cartons weekly. Good. Done. BUT, the city doesn’t take plastic […]

This past Lent I focused more on my “inner spirituality” than giving stuff away. Once Easter 2024 arrived I figured I’d return to simplifying my life, i.e. serious decluttering. But…this inner spirituality period prompted a deeper self-evaluation. (See It’s Not My Fault entry.) Now it’s time to do something with the stuff I’ve been collecting […]

It’s been 3 months since my last post which I usually do at least monthly. Maybe you’ve noticed. Maybe you’ve been busy with your own life. Easter has come and gone and so have I. (Jim and I took a long-delayed trip to Australia and New Zealand with our youngest son and his wife. We […]

Well, plans have changed. As I pondered whether to give up plastic, clutter, or to give more stuff away for Lent, I decided that any of these sacrifices would be worthy, but it was probably more important to clean out my “soul” and my attitudes than to clean house. Sure, I will try to be […]

As observant Christians have no doubt noticed, this year Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday fall on the same day, Feb. 14. So, do we celebrate love, or do we sacrifice? Is there some way that these two “holy” days are connected?  Personally, I plan to celebrate my love for my husband on Valentine’s Eve which […]

Make any New Year’s Resolutions? Have you broken any of them yet? Regardless, here’s chance to try something new to refresh, educate, and/or deepen your family life. Challenge your family to learn about a new country – ideally one you’ve never been to and know little about. *For a list of countries and background for […]

With Christmas usually comes presents – at least for those of us with enough discretionary income to buy and receive gifts. This is usually a joyous exchange. As I opened the presents given to me last week, I was happy to receive them but also realized that some of the gifts meant I no longer […]

WAITING: As Christians approach the season of Advent – the season of waiting again for Christ to be born – I am reminded about how hard it often is to wait. For birthdays, for your beloved to return home, for a healing. Yet, I remember that waiting for something important to happen is part of […]

What? How can one “Love the HUB”? Am I talking about hubcaps on a car. an internet hub, or something else? Well, for environmentally minded people in the Cincinnati area the HUB is short for Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub. It’s the go to place for many hard to recycle items. If you live in […]

I don’t know about you, but occasionally I get into a “Depression Funk.” It goes something like this: I’m tired. I’ve already taken a nap, but I don’t feel like tackling another thing on my To Do I’m tired of trying to save the world. Global Warming is way bigger and more complicated than what […]

I profess to be a Christian and thus believe that Jesus calls us to love one another – even our enemies. Of course this moral call transcends Christianity and most faith traditions have a comparable moral code. Even people of good will who profess no particular religion usually have an inner sense to try to […]

Anyone living into adulthood (and sooner for some) will inevitably encounter hardships and pain. It might be physical (an illness, broken bones), emotional (depression, self-doubt), relational (a hurting relationship, annoying people), or spiritual (Is there really a loving God? How to love myself or other difficult people?) Lately I’ve been thinking about such negative life […]

Fires are not only destroying forests in Canada but creating new kinds of air pollution in the USA. The environmental Doomsday Clock is currently around 90 seconds to midnight – and moving forward. I’m getting older (aren’t we all ☹) and tired of fighting the good fight to reduce poverty, social injustice, and global warming. […]

Since the city I live in (Covington, KY) borders the Ohio River, last weekend I participated in an annual “River Sweep.” The goal is to clean up trash along the wooded banks of the Kentucky side of the river. I met with about 30 other diligent environmental do-gooders armed with old jeans, hearty shoes, gloves, […]

Lent has been over for 2 weeks. So…has it made any difference in my (or your) daily life? Sure, I donated clothes and supplies to worthy causes. I eventually organized the loose papers that cluttered my desk. These acts felt good and cleaned up stuff but did not do much to focus my life on […]

Today I realized that I have about a week left in Lent and I’ve barely implemented “The Plan.” Sure, I’ve prayed, fasted, and done some service, BUT pruning a “Room a Day” took a deep dive after Week 3 and pruning my “Desk & Office” area barely started. So, what do I have to show […]

1. It was a very cold morning as my husband and I drove through a drenching rain to exercise at Planet Fitness. We passed a 40 something man walking without even a jacket or hat, head down, along our route. After passing him I started to ponder how uncomfortable it must be to walk in […]

Yes. I know, Lent started 5 days ago on Feb. 22 (Ash Wednesday), BUT, I’ve spent the past few days pondering what I would focus on this Lent. I’m late, but I finally have a plan. Traditionally, Lent has 3 components – Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving. Prayer and Fasting are relatively easy for me since […]

I talked with a group of Catholic university students yesterday. It reminded me of my own college years and I felt both young and old. Young – because I could identify with our common faith that formed our values. Old – because I realized that even though I’m healthy and bike or hike most days, […]

I’ve written a lot about simplifying our lives from excessive material and mental clutter. But in the spirit of even simplifying my many blog posts, I decided to summarize key life goals in one post. Actually, for those with a short attention span, I could even summarize the 5 Goals into just the first one […]