I’m taking a break from blogging about food to honor the fact that this is Leap Day – the day when our calendar recognizes that we need more days. Since there are never enough days to accomplish my “to do” list I figured I’d turn this around and write about skipping days, or at least skipping numbers – that’s what our microwave has been doing for almost a year. The keypad is a little worn so the #s 2, 5, 8, and 0 don’t work. This is not a big problem since I can hit the minute timer or just 99 or 1.99 thus avoiding the ornery numbers.

Well, Jim is a little less patient than I am and he let it be known that he’d like a new microwave for Christmas. Our young adult, who pulled his name in our gift exchange, complied and now we have a near perfect microwave to give to the parish thrift store. I threw in a small blue wash tub for free.