Days 365+53 To Do ListI still have plenty of things to give away in our home but I’m feeling more burdened by my “To Do List” than my stuff these days. So this blog is focused on TIME. How we use it and how we can be a slave to it like the proverbial wheel running hamster.

I go to bed wondering how I’m going to keep all my commitments by their deadlines. I find myself thinking, I’ll feel freer, happier, less stressed once I finish this project, those emails, that report. I thought things would slow down once I finished my upcoming book (Blessed by Less). It hasn’t. Stuff just got pushed to later.

Theoretically I know the answer lies in prioritizing, delegating, and being humble enough to remember that I don’t have to save the world. Still, I like to think of myself as responsible. I pray and that helps me remember that my worth does not depend on how much I accomplish. But still…God rested. I must too.

I think of refugees, people who have debilitating diseases, people who experience disasters like fires or floods. They are forced to focus on what’s really important. Besides they probably have lost their To Do List in their disaster – unless of course it’s backed up in the cloud somewhere. 😕

Please share with me and other recovering work-aholics how you let go of too heavy a list of tasks or being over-responsible.

PS: I do feel a little better now that I’ve crossed “Do semi-monthly blog” off my list of things to do. Hope you’re smiling.