Days 365+68 Winter clothes cropped

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There’s not much to say about this post, other than it continues to be very cold in my little area of the world (Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana). The temperatures have hovered around 0 Fahrenheit. Meanwhile I escaped to Lima, Peru for an international meeting. (I know, it really wasn’t fair to be dealing with balmy sunny summer weather while most folk in the northern hemisphere were shoveling out driveways – as my stay-at-home husband was quick to tell me. But, Hey! It was my responsibility! 😕 )

Anyway, I did do at least one positive thing before I left for Peru. I went through my closet again and found even more winter clothes (several warm shirts, some pants, a scarf, gloves, hat, etc.) and took them to a cold shelter. Now that I’ve returned, it’s still cold but I am somewhat comforted by the knowledge that I took the time during my hectic travel preparations to pass on some things that would be of more use to others than myself.

Meanwhile, at least the pipes didn’t freeze and burst again.