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I had closets scheduled for this week’s give-aways but I was getting worried since I had already gone through closets last Lent and I’m saving the kid’s closets for next week when I tackle “Other People’s Stuff.” My fears were confirmed as I searched the nine closets in our house, until…I got to the downstairs […]

Over the years a family of six is bound to have some broken bones, stitches, sprained ankles, diarrhea, constipation, poison ivy, acne, and bad hair days. I’m prepared! But perhaps I’m over-prepared. I decided that Jim and I will no longer be allowed to break a leg (except in the theatrical sense). The crutches are […]

In examining several dining room shelves for more things to give away, I found 11 sterling silver pieces with varying degrees of tarnish. Silver can be beautiful but I definitely don’t want to spend time polishing it for the rare fancy occasions we might use it. I’m sure, however, that a beautiful silver coffee pot […]

I knew I would have to get to electronics sooner or later. First, I surveyed our house for things that ran on electricity or batteries that we were not currently using. We have two unused TVs (a 33” monster and a 13” black and white). Since the 33” is being stored for one of our […]

This is the last week I’m going to devote to books and we have eight more bookcases in our house. It’s not as bad as it sounds though since 2 hold my professional books, 2 are for Jim’s work, and 4 are our kid’s bookcases. In the interest of family harmony, I’m not going to […]

It’s book week #3 and I’m now evaluating the bookcases in the dining room. Technically this room has three bookcases but two of them are actually display shelves with stuff we’ve collected from various countries. One bookcase has books related to the continent of Asia, the second has books on Africa. Most of these are […]

It all started because I couldn’t find the pizza cutter. As I searched kitchen drawers I found that I had to practically empty each one to make sure the pizza cutter was not hidden under other stuff. This prompted me to realize I had a lot of unnecessary items like extra pot holders and dish […]

Last week it was girlie stuff, this week it’s boy toys. I know this all sounds like I’m a prehistoric parent who gender-typed the toys we gave our children. Actually, it was just the opposite. We offered both genders all kinds of toys, but still they gravitated toward more traditional choices. Regardless, our oldest son […]

Our grown daughter finally went through her stuff and gave me permission to give away most of her dolls.  I thought she’d balk at parting with the Barbies but she said that was OK. Even though I’m not fond of the Barbie image, I did decide to keep a few that still had their hair […]

“Below the Waist” may be a provocative title, but laying out mostly earth tone pants makes for a pretty boring photo. I did include a couple boxer shorts to bring this week’s give aways to 14. This concludes, for now, my six week stint of giving away our adult sons’ clothes left at home. (Our […]

Since it’s Halloween, I’m taking a break from giving away my kids regular clothes and rummaged through our old “costume box” to see if I really needed to save all the stuff for a grandchild who doesn’t live in town or for gag costumes for special events. I decided the ghost costume made out of […]

I think our son was either going through a drab and dull phase (or maybe a European fashion stage) when he acquired these sweaters since they’re all basically black, gray, navy, or brown. I only had 7 sweaters so I added 6 pairs of socks. (Don’t worry, I counted a pair as one.) I still […]

What do horses and shoes have to do with what I’m giving away this week? I have 11 polo shirts and 3 pairs of shoes. (You are now allowed to groan.) Some of these are pretty nice. I hope the new wearer enjoys them. I’m finally through the shirt category. Next week, let’s see what […]

Hanging shirts are sort of like “hanging chads.” How do you count them? I put each of these button down shirts on its own pretty plastic hanger so you could count them more easily in the photo. (I confess that I later switched the nice hangers to the clothes I’m keeping.) I only had 12 […]

This week it’s the “T-shirts Without Words” turn. I didn’t quite have enough to double my numbers so I added a pair of my old bike shorts and a bandanna to bring it to 14 items. Now I’m starting to have room in the blue guest bedroom dresser for guests to store their clothes. I’m […]

Our young adults were just home for a family vacation and I finally had an opportunity to get their OK to give away many of their clothes stored at our house. Since they obviously were not wearing them on a daily basis, I hit the jackpot in the category of “Kids Clothes Left at Home.” […]

Our unattached garage serves an important function. It is the last step before things rot on their own or get put out for the garbage. I can decide to probably give something away, but not finalize the decision since it might be retrievable if it’s in the garage – that is if the neighborhood cats […]

Although #3 child balked at me giving away anything in his trunk of childhood mementos, he was surprisingly cooperative about letting me give away a number of his sweaters stored at our house. It could be that these were mostly clothes I had bought him, or which had been handed down to him, that he […]

As I said in my “Extra blog” a couple days ago, it’s often more challenging to let go of compulsions than to let go of stuff. Just to keep me honest, however, I also gave away some stuff: a 1993 LSAT prep guide (Nobody looks like they’re going to law school soon.), 2 suit cases, […]

OK, OK, I admit I’ve succumbed to giving away my husband’s and house guest’s shirts this week, but they did agree to it. I tried to give some to our son who lives nearby and is a school teacher but the generation gap kicked in since none were appealing to him. It might not look […]