I value time. I’m always trying to save it. You may remember that Jim and I are helping a teenage expectant mother with transportation and other daily needs. Yesterday I took her to a doctor’s appt. and grocery shopping which took most of the morning. The day before we made complicated arrangements so I would have a car to pick her up from a hospital appt. (which turned out to have been cancelled but she didn’t know it since her phone is out of minutes). A couple days before that we made two trips to the emergency room after midnight because she thought she was in labor. (Turned out she wasn’t.) I’m happy to do this for someone in need but most of these trips turned out to be unnecessary and all together it equaled a day of work. Since I’m self-employed, if I don’t work, I don’t get paid and I’m bumping up against a writing deadline. I wish it were already Lent so I could count this as a day I gave away TIME.