Giving away trinkets is one thing, but what about when trinkets are mementos of a foreign trip and you’ll probably never go to that country again? That is the question I asked myself when I stared at these Pepsi bottles. About 20 years ago our family was part of a month long family exchange program in the Soviet Union. We thought it was cool to bring home Pepsi bottles written with the Cyrillic alphabet. I saved two but what do I do with them now? They’re not quite display items, yet I don’t want to drink them. (I’m not sure of the shelf life of pop in bottles.) Hmmm. I wonder if it would be worth money on E-Bay? Whoops, that wouldn’t be giving it away. Now that I have a photo of it maybe that’ll do. Since I’m on the souvenir theme, this week I’m also clearing out some other minor souvenirs from Russia, Korea, Japan, and Africa.