Can returning stuff count? Yes! Some times it takes more effort to return stuff to its rightful owner than to just give a bunch of stuff away. Returning several library books was easy because there’s a time limit and the library is on my way to many places. Returning the car seat we had borrowed for our homeless family’s child was easy because it was from our next door neighbor. It was more difficult, however, to get a pillow and sheets back to an out of town guest who had stayed with us. Then there were a pair a reading glasses and water bottle that we don’t know who they belong to. We’ve put out several e-mails and still can’t find the owners. There are also the 20 plastic table cloths that I carefully wipe clean and save from year to year so our dance community doesn’t have to buy new ones each New Years Eve. This has the added advantage of making me feel quite virtuously green. Returning them to use every year can be a hassle, but I think reusing stuff should definitely count as would any recycling effort.