A contradance friend recently announced a dress swap. This is not an unusual event in the contradance world. Women bring swirly dresses that they are tired of and swap them for someone else’s. The dresses are not usually the kind you’d wear for work so it’s more for fun than practicality. My friend added a twist, however, by saying that if anyone had business attire, she would donate these dresses or suits to a local organization called “Dress for Success” which offers free outfits to women seeking employment who cannot afford professional clothes for interviews or the office. I wasn’t going to be in town for the dress swap but that didn’t matter since I’m now in “giving away mode” not “trading mode.” I picked out 4 dresses and debated for awhile whether to donate a three piece business suit I had. I could still wear it, but it was a little snug. Since I primarily work at home, I no longer need many business suits. I decided it was time to give someone else a leg up on success rather than wait to lose a few pounds myself.