Since I’m almost done with the year I decided to search through a few “hidden places” that I missed during my earlier sweeps. This mostly meant going into dirty places (like the furnace room), looking behind things (like dressers) and under things (like beds). I uncovered a lot of miscellaneous items, some not worth counting. Among the better finds were:

  • Kenyan print (It’s going to our son’s African-American school.)
  • Japanese wall hanging
  • 2 land line phones
  • 3 purses and some jewelry
  • 3 sweaters
  • man’s shirt
  • woman’s vest and top
  • Clamp on light
  • 5 placemats
  • Kitchen cutting board and drain pad
  • 2 car mats

Technically, this week completes 365 days of giveaways but I’m going to post this Wednesday since it’s Ash Wednesday and that neatly ties it up from one Lent to the next. I’m also aware that I still have things that warrant giving away – or to put it more positively, I know there are still many things that others can use now that my pack-rat side is hanging on to “just-in-case.”

A beautiful site!

PS: The photo at left may not look that pretty until you realize it’s a surface in the recesses of our unfinished basement furnace room that was stacked with extra household items. Beauty is sometimes in the lack of clutter.