Days 48-54 poison ivy-For years I’ve wondered what possible purpose in creation there could be for poison ivy or mosquitoes. Well, I’ve found a use for poison ivy – a plant to dump my hazardous chemicals on without guilt. You see, after taking all my hazardous materials to the special disposal place last Saturday, I found that even THEY wouldn’t take pesticides or chemical solvents. So, what to do? I thought of cheating and just burying them in the trash but my conscience (my husband) wouldn’t let me do it. Then I remembered that we had some poison ivy in a remote part of the yard. I’d been trying to get rid of it for years. I dumped the liquid on it. I’m still waiting for it to die.

Days 48-54 poison ivy-blankets-booksBy the way, I also chose to give away some ugly blankets from our bedroom and some books that have been on my night stand for way too long. They are “guilt books” – books that I know would be good for me to read but I just can’t get into them; better pass them on.