One of the advantages of storing my give-aways until I could bundle them all up and make one or two trips to St. Vincent de Paul or Goodwill, is that my decisions were reversible – at least for awhile. This helped me “try out” living without an item and confirm that I was ready to let go of it. I have three pairs of jeans – one good, one for gardening, and one that’s in good condition but I think makes me look fat. I could also use the “fat jeans” for gardening and dirty home projects. I debated whether to give the good, but fat, jeans away or give away the pair with a hole in the knee. Several times I took the fat jeans out of the give-away pile, wore them, then put them back. I finally decided that it would be more respectful to give the “fat but good” jeans away since they were in better condition.

Since bouncing an item back and forth should still only count for 1 item, I also found a number of jogging pants and slippers that I don’t need. For someone who doesn’t jog, one pair is enough