The young couple and their 4 month old baby that I mentioned in the post, “Letting Go Of Privacy” has been staying with us for a couple weeks now. You get to know people on a deeper level when they live with you. We have been impressed with their respectfulness and willingness to work and help out around the house. BUT, having raised 4 children and being a family life educator, I also notice things that I’d like to advise them on. It’s hard enough trying to discern when to advise our own young adults, but even more delicate when the person is not related to you. When is parenting, nutrition, financial, and life skills advice helpful and when does it just sound like criticism? It’s hard to know when I am over-reaching or being over-responsible. On the other hand, if it were my own young adults in need of temporary help, I’d hope that a wise adult would give them solid information about life. What they do with it is up to them. When is unsolicited advice appropriate and necessary and when is it interfering and keeping them dependent? That is the question. Any advice?