All this giving away has created a surplus of hangers in our house. I’ve used the pretty plastic left over hangers as far as they would go, so here are the ugly wire ones and a few pants/skirts hangers. Should I just throw them away? Is there a way to recycle them? They are a testimony to my cleaner, more spacious closets. But a wire hanger can sometimes come in handy. I used to break into my car with one before manufacturers changed the nature of car locks. (I was infamous for locking my keys in my car in bad parts of town and the locals taught me this trick.) They’re good for retrieving small items under radiators. Hmmm. I think I can give all these away and if I need a hanger in an emergency, I’ll just take one of the remaining ones hanging out with my clothes. Perhaps that will be a sign to let go of the clothing.

PS: I found that Thrift Stores often can use extra hangers. Also we’ve started a recycling container for metal that we put in the basement and plan to empty every half year or so.