carI recently took a trip and rented a car. Now I don’t fancy myself a picky person but I found myself a little annoyed when I discovered it didn’t have cruise control and this was a six hour drive. I then realized that I had forgotten my CD’s (to keep me awake) and conditioner for my hair (to keep away the frizzies). These are small things but I found myself stewing about them. I started to think of other trifles and compulsions that rule me more than is warranted. For example, I can be an efficiency freak, multitasking to the point that the task becomes more important than the person in front of me. I also have a thing about “packing small.” I will go to great lengths to avoid checking luggage. These can be fun, and sometimes money saving quirks, but they can also strain relations with those around me who tire of my idiosyncrasies. This is the spiritual side of letting go. It’s often more challenging to let go of compulsions than to let go of stuff.