So let’s talk about recycling. Now that I’ve faced the demon of recycling electronics, what about all the more normal recycling we do. You know – the paper, glass, plastic, and cans. Recycling these things doesn’t feel as virtuous as giving a needy family clothes, dishes, or toys. Technically, it’s not really giving something away since it’s simply going into the garbage, albeit a curbside recycling container. We’ve been recycling and composting for a number of years and feel that it’s only right to do as citizens of planet earth. It may not make a huge difference but it’s one step that we hope is being multiplied by many other responsible consumers.

BUT…I keep remembering “No Impact Man” and how he tried not to create any garbage that needed recycling. We use cloth bags for shopping – most of the time. Don’t drink bottled water – except when in developing countries. We’ve downsized our garbage can. Hey, we’re good, right! But I’ve been starting to notice how over-packaged many of the things I buy are. Sometimes I can’t avoid it, but my next self-improvement and earth-saving effort I think will be to buy less and smaller, so that there is less to give away or recycle.