As a writer, I spend most of the day, most days, at my computer. Over the years, several of the more common letters have rubbed off (like the E, R, and T). I only realized this when other people tried to use my computer and weren’t sure where these letters were. I started to feel like Vanna White with hidden letters and was tempted to say, “Would you like to buy a vowel?” I guess technically I didn’t give the letters away, but indeed I no longer had them except in the muscle memory of my fingers. I know that in the scope of societal needs this is a frivolous post but sometimes we just have to let go and laugh at ourselves.

Speaking of letters, though, I am aware of the power of the handwritten word. A friend of mine has cancer, does not do e-mail, and wearies of talking on the phone about her illness. Another friend suggested a snail mail letter. What a concept! It takes a little longer and costs 44 cents – at least this year – but sometimes letters are important.