…When you’re too good at hiding things. I store things so well and compactly that when I found and extracted the 300 National Geographics from their nest in an unused stairwell, I also found old history books, children’s Bible stories, children’s record albums, a cutting board, tailor’s board, kites, campaign signs, and a slide presentation about Colombia complete with slide carousel. Does anyone use slides anymore, much less vinyl records? This wasn’t a very big space but every thing (plus one son’s role playing resource books and figures) was packed into a 4’x4’x2’ space in a 2-step stairwell that we had blocked off. Maybe I should have titled it, “The Hidden Staircase.” Wait, wasn’t that one of the Nancy Drew books I gave away last week? I dare not give away the role playing paraphernalia, but the rest is going.