…But being used in a good way. As my reputation grows for being a “go to person” for where to take used but usable clothes, toys, kitchen supplies, etc., I’ve found that people are starting to drop things off at my house. One reason is that my parish has an in-house thrift store and since I’m there almost every Sunday, it’s easy to take things with me to church and drop them off. People who know me, know that. Problem! The parish has just decided to close the thrift store. This is unfortunate but there are many places to take good stuff (like St. Vincent de Paul and Goodwill) plus, as I’ve mentioned before, Viet Vets and the Lupus Foundation make regular stops at your front door to pick up stuff. So I don’t mind storing this stuff for a couple weeks. The latest “drop off” already came in a convenient bag so I’m just passing it on as is.

To make this a legitimate give-away of my own, I’ve added a few miscellaneous dresses and jackets that I’ve found I haven’t worn in awhile. It’s not so bad being used. It’s a way to pay it forward. Besides, occasionally I find something that I want to keep myself. J I doubt that my donors would mind.