5 weeks in can 6th week in clear jar

5 weeks in white bucket
6th week in clear jar  Click to enlarge

Wait, wait, let me explain. I know it looks like I’m really back sliding this week but here’s the back story. We had 12 guests stay with us over the weekend for the Pig Town Fling contradance. Actually our friends are very conscientious about the environment and make very little waste. But 12 extra people making very little waste still adds up. As you can see, I couldn’t fit it all in my see through jar. The big culprit was that one person had gone out for dinner and brought home his leftovers in a styrofoam “doggie container.” I’m sure he didn’t have much choice other than to waste the food. That’s what took up most of the space. Extra cans, beer bottles, oyster tins, and other paraphernalia were mostly recyclable or compostable. Several people brought their own bedding. All brought snacks. It was an easy group to host.

Stuff-nothingMy goal this week was to focus on pre-cycling. The problem is that NOT buying stuff doesn’t make for a very interesting photo. Just so you know, we bought some food for our guests but I didn’t buy convenience foods. Conveniently, I have a husband who doesn’t mind cooking from scratch. I got my sewing machine fixed which will help me mend some clothes and avoid buying more. I didn’t buy those Papas Easter eggs (but I might go back and get a couple of my favorites later :-?) I didn’t buy some fancy paper that I had considered getting.