I don’t’ think it’s fair to count our kids’ elementary and high school trophies and plaques as things to give away since they are of no use to anyone else. Still, I counted 22 trophies and 30 award plaques stored in a cedar chest that could be put to better use. (Trophies take up a lot of space and what good are they if you aren’t displaying them. Yet to display them seems egotistical– after all they’re not Oscars or Heisman trophies.) I was surprised to find not only our kids’ trophies but also several from Jim’s and my youth. Wait, it gets better. I even found one trophy that Jim’s long deceased parents won in a “Grandparents Golf Tournament.” Being somewhat sentimental, I’m not quite ready to get rid of ALL the trophies so I aimed for half and only kept the most prestigious. I ended up with 10 trophies and 2 plaques.

Now there is the bigger problem. Who do I give these to? I called our kids’ high school and they never called back. I called a couple trophy stores and they said they had no use for them. One store said that sometimes the YMCA or a Scout troop could repurpose them. I thought of putting them in my catch all basket for visiting kids to pick a treat from – but they’re way too big and cumbersome. I’ve taken the photo for posterity. Anybody know who to give these to? I’d hate to just pitch them.
PS: I just found some websites that have suggestions for what to do with old trophies:

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