One of the things I’ve learned about letting go of stuff over the past 1½ years is that choosing what to give away is easier than figuring out how to give it away. Knowing who or where to take it to, carting it there or waiting for someone to pick it up, or repairing/recycling is often the bigger challenge. Although I’ve covered this topic in previous blogs, I still keep finding new sources and related articles.

Thinking that anyone attempting to prune their possessions would appreciate help, I’m passing on my most recent finds:

  1. Electronics. Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity has partnered with Ohio Drop Off to recycle used or broken electronics. Check if your local Habitat does this also.
  2. Where To Get Rid of Clothing, Toys, Old Phones, and More. (Oprah, March 2011)
  3. How To Live With Less (books, clothes, clutter, mail, screen time, sentimental objects, toys, cars) – a blog by Joshua Becker
  4. A Store Where Everything is Free Unique concept by Victoria Kreha in Green America, June/July 2011. For a humorous look at this notion, check out this YouTube video All That – The Everything For Free Store.

PS: To easily find previous blogs related to where to take stuff, see Days –8, –7 (the Basics), 85-91 (FreeCycle), Extra 294-295 (Uses for Useless Stuff), 309-322 (Books), 323-329 (Electronics), and anything tagged Recycling.