Days 365+104 Misc clothes shoes, paintingWhile pruning the clutter of Too Much Information from my life these last few months has been good, other items have been collecting dust. When I’m ready to let go of miscellaneous stuff around the house I put them in a bin and wait for a time to take them to Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul, or have one of the pick-up services (Viet Vets, Lupus Foundation, etc.) stop by. That time has come. See past posts for more ideas.

The current crop includes: 3 shoes, 2 pairs of pants, , 2 T-shirts, , 5 sets of earrings 5 hangers a pair of shorts, a skirt, a night gown, a sweater, a slip, a scarf, a purse, gloves, a painting, a table runner, a decorative soup bowl, and a wine goblet.

Days 365+105 Tube TVA bigger and harder item to give away was a large old tube TV. The usual places wouldn’t take it. I’d have to lug it to a electronics store and pay a fee to even recycle it. Our annual community recycling date was past. Besides, it worked! I hated to just junk it. Salvation Army came to the rescue on this one. They send a truck to your door accompanied by 2 people with strong backs. Success.

Often the hardest part of giving stuff away is finding the right place. Please share any tips on where you take difficult items, for example, a mattress.