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Susan 2011 headshot cropped tweaked BEST gif

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I just changed my FB, Twitter, and blog photo at the urging of several people who are more “hip” than I am. This has prompted me to ponder who I really am. My values and personality have stayed pretty consistent over the long haul, but I’m talking more about the superficial way that I present myself to others and how I feel about myself as a person. Letting go of my more formal photo is a way to remind myself that I am more than my work. (I decided to keep the formal picture for website and PR purposes).

By personality I am a very task oriented, responsible person. I don’t want to change this, but I DO want to become more attuned to paying attention to the person in front of me, be it my spouse, children, the store clerk, or the people I pass on the street. I want to show others the warmth that is in my heart for them and really listen to their needs more closely. I’m hoping that letting go of my older photo will help remind me of this.

I’m also thinking about the dynamic of aging. My formal photo was taken almost 10 years ago, but people have recently been telling me I look younger than my photo. At my age that’s a compliment. Maybe people are just being kind, maybe it’s the different hairstyle, or maybe I’m a Benjamin Button. Regardless, I’m trying to think modern, learn new things (like Twitter, follow me @Vogt_Susan or my new Facebook group, Living Lightly), while holding on to the deepest values of love, faith, and community that make me who I am.

How have YOU been changing?

PS: I’m still open to opinions about the photos.