I’m a big TIME person. I like to be on time, multitask, and not waste time. I love the timing of good music and dancing. I also love the season of Advent which pulls me out of ordinary time and into the “time of waiting.” It’s hard for me to wait and that’s why Advent is so important to nurturing balance in my life. In our “hurry up, can’t wait for Christmas to open gifts and party culture” this is an important reminder.

I’m also pretty nostalgic. That’s why I’ve been holding on to my favorite Advent calendar that marks the days leading up to Christmas starting with December 1. (I know that technically Advent doesn’t always start on December 1 but this is a reusable calendar made out of wood and the dates can’t be changed every year.) The kids have left home and long outgrown the practice of putting one of the small wooden Advent symbols on the appropriate peg each day. That’s OK, I continued to do it myself the past few years just in case a visiting child would notice.

In a moment of inspiration, it occurred to me to pass the calendar on to my son and daughter-in-law who just had their second child. The older one is just about the age that she will be able to appreciate the slow accumulation of days leading to Christmas. Truly, this is a happy give-away since I don’t feel like I’m losing anything but handing on a tradition.

Are there any Advent or Christmas objects or traditions that you’re ready to pass on?