This weekend we will have 11 guests (Pig Town Fling dancers) staying at our home. This presents two conundrums:

  1. Do we make them eat on $4.50/day or do we say “Eat only from the left side of the refrigerator, the right side is OUR food.” It certainly doesn’t seem hospitable to force our Lenten practice on them, besides most of the dinners will be eaten out. We’ve decided to buy whatever is necessary to offer them enough food while they are here. I think that is what Jesus would do.
  2. Where do they sleep? We have three extra bedrooms since our adult children are sprung and this will take care of most of the guests. Still, we have four who will need to sleep in our finished basement. We’ve not had this many in the basement before and we worried about crowding them. I decided to clear off the Ping-Pong table which serves as my unofficial extra file cabinet to make some extra room. This is not directly a food issue but certainly fits under the general purpose of this blog – living more simply (and getting rid of clutter).