…For my bumper stickers. Now usually I am proud that we have finally been able to downsize to one car. I know that the single factor that can make the most difference in energy conservation for most people is to reduce auto emissions by driving less. The fact that both Jim & I work out of our home, we live in the city near a bus line, and that the children are sprung – all make this possible. The one downside to this is that I have accumulated some bumper stickers with slogans that I find compelling. I’d like to promote all these mobile messages but don’t have enough bumpers to attach them to. The one we already have on our bumper is “If you want peace, work for justice.” (Pope Paul VI) That one’s a keeper.

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But what do I do with these others?

  • Consume Less/Share More
  • Jesus is with the 99%;
  • God bless the whole world/No exceptions
  • Pro-Lifers for Peace