I travel a fair amount, have a brother who is a dentist, and tend to hold on to stuff way too long. I have thus collected an assortment of toothbrushes, toothpaste, deodorants, soaps, shampoos, combs, and other miscellaneous things one keeps in the bathroom. When I travel, I’m especially fanatical about packing small and light. (My tightwad side doesn’t want to pay airline baggage fees and my back can’t support heavy carry on luggage.) Thus, I’ve collected more than enough shampoo containers from hotels to last me for many non-hotel trips. I finally decided I would never use them all up; but who needs this stuff?

Fortunately, I also have a good friend who works at Mary Magdalene House – a local shower/laundry/clean yourself up place for street people. Aha! Their guests can use these personal size toiletry items. The photo shows just a sample of the things I’m donating. Of course any homeless shelter would probably work, but it’s nice to have a personal connection. If your home isn’t a hotel, maybe you could let go of many of these items too. (We also seem to collect shampoo from traveling guests who forget their stuff  in our bathroom.  We often don’t know who left it so we use it up ourselves. Maybe we do run a motel 😕 .)